Docs : Installation

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Building using Docker and docker-compose

We provide an easier way to build and run noebs using Docker.

Fork this repository (e.g., git clone cd to noebs root directory (E.g., $HOME/src/noebs)

        $ git clone
        $ cd noebs
        $ docker build -t noebs . # -t for giving it a name
        $ docker run -it -p 8000:8000 noebs:latest
        # Open localhost:8000/test in your browser to interact with noebs

Building with go get command [not recommended]

This is only useful if you plan on contributing to noebs itself. Use docker instead!

make sure you have Go installed (go website to see various ways to install go).
    # this command may likely takes along time depending on your internet connections.
    # also, make sure you are using a vpn since some of the libraries are hosted in GCE hosting which forbids Sudan
    $ go get
    $ cd $GOPATH/
    $ go build .

You will have a binary that after running it will spawn a production ready server!

Notes on installation

noebs needs to be connected with EBS merchant/consumer server in order to get useful responses. However, you can run our embedded server that mocks EBS responses in cases where you cannot reach EBS server. To do that, you need to enable the development mode using a special env var, EBS_LOCAL_DEV. You need to set EBS_LOCAL_DEV=1 in order to use the mocking functionality.

Using Docker

    $ docker run -it -p 8000:8000 -e EBS_LOCAL_DEV=1 noebs:latest
    $ export EBS_LOCAL_DEV=1 noebs
This method has been DEPRECATED.

And you're all set. You can now proceed to the API docs section, or jump straight to the Quickstart to see how to make a simple payment integration.