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What data does noebs end-to-end encrypt?

We employ state of the art encryption algorithm. We only run on TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.

How do we handle encrpytion keys

There are two type of keys:

  1. Terminal master key
  2. this is stored on special memory on our terminal POS hardware called key management system. It is not stored in the device RAM, so you cannot dump the memory and retrieve it. When the device get tampered, the Key store get destroyed, so the attacker cannot get the key.
  3. Working keys
  4. working keys are special kind of keys issued by the switching system or the bank. It is used in the encryption process per each transaction.

None of these keys get stored in our servers! This is particularly important in that we delegate the payment security onto our clients. This solve the problem of our system being a single point of failure.

Even if the attacker tried to hack into the clients, the affected space will be reduced to that client only.